Charm Churee Resort

Charming as the name itself suggests, this rambling resort spreads itself around seaside coves and hides in the jungle. Vast and quiet, you could spend a day getting wondrously lost in its winding pathways leading to hidden coves and shady spots. Located in Jansom Bay, a 15 minute walk from Mae Had and very close to the dive centre, the environment means you can really get away from it all whilst still being able to get to it all!

One of the beaches with Charm Churee Resort

Great care has been taken to ensure your surroundings are as beautiful as the views from your balcony. Bungalows can sleep whole families, some have huge indoor and outdoor living areas, mini bars and drinks facilities and some have direct access straight down to the sea where you can swim, snorkel or simply cool off. A relaxing spa is hidden within the grounds too, offering massage and treatments to soothe away the outside world.

Bedroom   Winding Pathways
Secluded bungalow lookin straight to the ocean   Balcony View

View our little video tour to see more of this amazing resort. We love this place and even though we live here, we would come here for a few nights get-away too.

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