Introduction to Technical Diving

Technical Diving within Recreational Depth and No Decompression Limits.

This course will develop both your theoretical dive knowledge as well as your in water skills. The course is an ideal introduction to and taster of technical diving without committing to the full course.

  • In just 2 days, over 4 dives, develop your skills and experience by understanding the basic fundamentals of technical diving.
  • Learn to dive in twin tanks.
  • Understand how to plan gas requirements.
  • Understand how to plan a decompression dive.

What you will do?
DSAT Tec Basics follows the course outline of the actual DSAT Tec Deep course, covering the first two theory modules and dives.

  • The theory modules develop your understanding of the responsibilities of a technical diver including :- calculating your gas supply, creating a dive plan and managing your oxygen exposure.
  • Practically you will learn how to rig full technical gear and understand the basis for so much kit.
  • You will be taught emergency management procedures for diving in the full technical kit.
  • You will simulate a decompression dive based on a dive plan you have created.

Shallow Water Training   Learning Gas Shutdown Drills
Technical Diving Kit   Open Water Diving


  • Extend your knowledge and skills.
  • Do something different.
  • Try technical diving before committing.

DSAT Tec Basics course is 11000 baht which includes your:-

  • boat fees,
  • tank fills,
  • materials,
  • instruction,
  • certification,
  • use of technical gear.

Who can do this?
Any diver holding an advanced and Nitrox certification, yet either of these can be complete with us too.

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