More Thailand Wrecks

The Solimoes


The wreck lies on her starboard side in 58m. The top of the wreck is at 40m, length is 150m, tonnage is 10000 tons. She has some damage starboard aft. She’s loaded with machinery, making her an interesting dive, augers, cranes, winched and steam engines.
The Akita

Akita Maru

Sunk by Dutch submarine O-19 in January 1942, she sits upright in 78m. A large 3900 ton Maru, only dived her once to date. A ‘nearly’ virgin.
The Akela

A 3000 ton Dutch post war freighter sitting upright, collision damage on the starboard.
Brass Lantern

A 4500 ton, cargo ship and everone who dives her agrees she’s a ghostly ship. The shallowest point is 54m with the hull buried in the sand at 70m. She’s shrouded in fishing nets, barely dived and ripe for exploration. She was carrying Dutch ceramics from Singapore to Bangkok.
Unidentified Tanker Maru

She is a 60m, 2500 ton, post war Japanese oil tanker sitting upright in 60m. There is no apparent damage except for a split in the bow below the waterline.
Unidentified Drillship
Navigation Light from Drillship

Originally thought to be the Seacrest this shallow wreck lies on her port side in 48m of clear water. The derrick and wheelhouse are missing but exploration of other marks will probably find them sitting close by.

A 6000 ton freighter sunk between 1983-1993. 68m to the bottom, 52m to the top, she lies on her port side. Although she sank recently she’s an old ship with lots of goodies. Great vis and not many fish in the way yet. Lots of penetration.

The Torpedo sits upright in 50 meters. A small cargo ship carrying timber logs, originally thought to be torpedos.

The Unicorn Wreck is a 55 meter Japanese refrigerated cargo vessel sitting nearly upright. The top of the bow is at 37 meters, maximum depth 50 metres. Perfect for experienced recreational divers or a tec day trip. The Unicorn arrived at Koh Tao in 1989, anchored for a few days and then suddenly sunk. An insurance claim for canned tuna was made, but when a team of divers dived the wreck they found animal feed, hence the nickname, “Dogfood wreck”

6000 ton and she lies on her starboard side. A pre-war ship, sunk in the 1960’s therefore loaded with marine life. A very old classic twin super structured freighter, the owners couldn’t have been too surprised when this one sank. Still lots to explore.
SS Carrie

Nicknamed after Carrie Kohler, this is a 6000 ton post war freighter, probably Japanese or Chinese. 5 levels of penetration if you’re up for it!
Sakura Maru

Another USS Hammerhead vicitim. A 1500 ton carrier sitting upright in 70m, torpedo damage again to the bow.
Namei Maru

Yet another one of Hammerhead’s, sunk at the same time as Sakura, also with a shot in the bow . A small tanker upright in 70m.

Tairu Maru
To be Located
Kinrea Maru
To be located
Aransan Maru
To be located

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