Nitrox, Deep and Wreck

  • From Tec Basics onwards you are required to be a NITROX diver.
  • If you don’t have prior DEEP recreational diving experience, a certification course must be completed.
  • For your own interest you may choose to learn more about WRECK diving too.
  • Nitrox

    Enriched Air Nitrox
    The recreational nitrox diver will extend their no stop time by increasing the amount of oxygen in their mix. This is essential foundation knowledge for the technical diver.
    Deep Diving

    This recreational course introduces you to the concept of deep recreational diving and lays the foundations for progression to technical diving. It is essential for those with limited deep recreational diving experience.
    Wreck Diving
    Wreck diving can pose different challenges and requires different dive procedures to conduct safely. Learn the basic techniques and discipline.

    Ayesha and Wilco teach the full range of PADI courses too – see

    Wreck wreckage

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