Tec Level 1 + Tec Level 2 = Tec Deep

Tec Level 1 and Tec Level 2 simply give you the opportunity to break the Tec Deep course into 2 parts.

Tec Diver

Tec Level 1

  • Qualifies the diver to conduct extended no (decompression) stop dives by switching to higher oxygen blends. The student completes dives 1-7 of the Tec Deep course, theory modules 1-4 and the first exam. see below.
  • Min Entry Requirements: 50 logged dives, Advanced Open Water, Nitrox certified and Deep certification or experience

Tec Level 2

  • Subsequent course to Tec Level 1, it qualifies the diver to conducted accelerated decompression dives up to 50m using up to 100% Oxygen. The student completes dives 8-12 of the Tec Deep Course , theory modules 5 and 6 and the 2nd exam.
  • Min Entry Requirement: Tec Level 1, 100 logged dives and Rescue Diver

Tec Deep

  • Tec Level 1 and 2 combined, this is the choice that most divers make, it qualifies the diver to conducted accelerated decompression dives up to 50m using up to 100% Oxygen.
  • Min Entry Requirement: 100 logges dives, Rescue Diver, Nitrox certified and Deep certification or experience.


The courses progress you through the water skills and theoretical concepts. Excercises constantly re-enforce disciplines and build in complexity. These courses will challenge you.
Shallow Water Training

Day 1
Theoritical modules 1-3 Equipment, dive planning and discipline.
Dives 1-3 Are shallow skill drill dives conducted in a swimming pool or open water to give you the opportunity to get used to the equipment and covers all techniques which are different from recreational diving.
Open Water Practice

Day 2 and 3
Theoretical Modules 4-5 (4 only for Tec Level 1) and Tec Level 1 exam: Advanced dive planning and technical diving procedures.
Dives 4-7 Gradually get deeper and intoduce you to the procedures of diving to a decompression schedule and using enriched air to extend your no-stop time. The maximum depths here progress up to 30m.
Tec Level 1 ENDS

Gas Switching

Day 4
Dives 8-9 Are conducted on a full day trip to a local wreck from a technical diving boat. These are your first true decompression dives. Breakfast and lunch are supplied on board.
Decompression Stop

Day 5
A day on land to complete your final theorectical module and final exam.
Day 6-8
Dives 10-12 Are your final qualifying dives and are usually completed on a FREE 3 day (6 dive) technical liveaboard visiting wrecks further afield of Koh Tao. This means that you get a further 3 technical fun dives included within the course at no extra cost.

The Complete Technical Diving Package – No Hidden Surprises
We believe your course should be fully inclusive and without surprises, so we provide a complete package price. Your Tec Deep course is 75,000 baht and fully inclusive of:

  • Your instruction by a qualified, experienced DSAT Technical Instructor
  • A technical diving liveaboard to visit the Gulf’s amazing wrecks
  • Standard tech equipment rental
  • All gases
  • All boat and Marine Park fees
  • Your course materials and certification
  • Collection from the pier upon arrival and return transfer to accommodation where required.
  • Discounted accommodation.

Completion of Level 1 only costs 40000 baht but does not include the liveaboard.

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