Technical Diving Ship Wreck Liveaboards

Visit the Gulfs Awesome and Newly Discovered Ship Wrecks! All sites have been located in the last 3 years and every dive teaches us something new about each vessles (hi)story.

Many sites just wait to be discovered and exploratory trips leave regularly.

Liveaboard Trips.
3 Day/ 3 Night 35,000 baht
HTMS Pangan and/or Sangalok and/or 1 day exploratory.
This trip is included FREE of charge with your Tech Deep course.

6 Day/ 7 Night 65,000 baht *
Hammerhead Tour – visit the Tottori Maru sunk by the USS Hammerhead, dive the Seacrest Drillship wrecked in Hurricane Gay and another maru sunk by the Hammerhead.

6 Day / 7 Night 75,000 baht *
Take a once in a lifetime tour of the USS Lagarto, visiting the Solimoes and other wrecks on the way there and back.

* Either of these trips can be packaged up to include your Trimix course.

Fully Inclusive of..

  • 3 Hearty Meals, including on deck BBQ and snacks.
  • Air, Nitrox and Oxygen fills.(Helium 5 baht/litre)
  • Fresh Water, Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate
  • Discounted Accommodation on the island pre and post liveaboard

Technical Liveaboard Facilities.

MV Trident

She is a stable comfortable vessel with lots of room to relax in between dives, bunks for 2, 3 or 4 persons. Any Trimix/Nitrox gas can be blended on board and she is fitted with a decompression station supplying oxygen at 6m and shallower.

Top Deck   Forward 'spotters' deck
Decompression Station  

2009 Schedule
Trips already confirmed for 2009 are listed below. If you are interested in visiting any particular wreck, doing a particular tour and doing some exploratory diving then simply contact us with the dates that you would like to come and we will put your trip on the schedule. We have a community divers here and can usually rally enough wreck ferrets to put a trip out!

17th-25th July
Seacrest and US Lagarto Trip- Places available !
29th July-2nd August
Phangnan Trip- Places available !

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