Trimix Training

Trimix Divers

  • Qualifies the diver to conduct open circuit dives beyond the narcotic limits of nitrogen and the toxic limits of oxygen by introducing helium into the breathing mix.
  • The maximum depth for the course is 75m but there currently no maximum depths imposed by helium diving.
  • Min Entry Requirements: 18 years, Rescue diver, proof of current CPR or first aid, be a PADI TEC Deep diver or certification from other organization and have a minimum of 150 logged dives..


  • This course progresses you through the water skills and theoretical concepts.
  • It will re-enforce concepts learnt within prior technical training.
  • It will train and improve your solution thinking and ‘situation’ management.


  • Five theory modules and a final exam will develop and consolidate your technical knowledge.
  • The 8 training dives will take you gradually deeper progressing to your max.

Completed on Koh Tao-Flexible Schedule over 2 days.
The Tec Trimix course begins with knowledge development and shallow water skills completed as training dive 1 in less than 10mtr. We like to complete all theoretic aspects before leaving on the liveabord so that we can focus on diving and dive planning – putting the theory that you just learnt into practice.

Training dive 2 acts as a technical refresher and/or orientation dive for divers entering the course from another training agency. Depths min 27 mtr-max 50 mtr. (See note at bottom of page.)

Completed on Technical Wreck Liveaboard

  • Your 4 day (8 dive) technical liveabaord is fully included in the price of your course.
  • Only 5-6 dives dives will be used for training, which means you can enjoy a further 2-3 fun dives .
  • Most divers choose to extend the liveaboard to include some of the most spectucular sites which your trimix qualification enables you to dive. The Gulfs most amazing wrecks so far- the USS Lagarto, The Seacrest Drill Ship, The Tottori Maru.

Day 1 of Liveaboard
Training dive 3, is your first dive using Helium in the mix. It is a normoxic (21% oxygen content) dive completed between 30 to 50 mtr.

Training dive 4 ,40-55 mtr, is only completed when dive 2 is required, it consolidates that learning. (See note at bottom of page)

View the Torpedo Tube door of the USS Lagarto which remains open after final Torpedo was fired

Day 2 of Liveaboard
Training dives 5 and 6 are hypoxic (less than 21% oxygen) and completed on deep ship wrecks between 45 and 67 mtr.

Day 3 of Liveaboard
Training dives 7 and 8 are hypoxic trimix dives which further your depth experience to a max of 75 mtr.

Day 4 of Liveaboard
Full day of fun diving.

Swim passed the silent guns of the USS Lagarto

NB – If you’re a DSAT Tec Deep diver and have conducted a technical dive within the last 6 months you don’t have to complete training dives 2 and 4.

The Complete Technical Diving Package – No Hidden Surprises
We believe your course should be fully inclusive and without surprises, so we provide a complete package price of 85,000 baht.

Helium is not cheap and your gas bill alone would amount to 35,000 Thai Baht – we include this!

Your Trimix course is fully inclusive of:

  • Your instruction by a qualified, experienced DSAT Technical Instructor
  • A technical diving liveaboard to visit the Gulf’s amazing wrecks
  • Standard tech equipment rental
  • All gases.
  • All boat and Marine Park fees
  • Your course materials and certification
  • Collection from the pier upon arrival and daily return transfer to your accommodation where required.
  • Discounted accommodation.

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