USS Lagarto – WWII Submarine

The ultimate wreck dive – a WWII US Submarine. The USS Lagarto was sunk by the Japanese Navy minelayer Hatsutaka in May 1945. She’s 1500ton and 105m long. Perfectly intact and totally sealed she sits upright in 70m of water.

Swim around the conning tower.

Instruments on con   Target Data Transmitter
Target Data Transmitter   Conning tower poking through thermocline.

Swim passed deck guns.

Rear gun.
Visit the forward anchor.

The open torpedo tube door means that she fired a torpedo in her final moments.
Torpedo tube door.
The memorial plaque left by the US Navy during the formal identification for those lost.Memorial Plaque

This is a very accurate drawing made by Steve Burton.
USS Lagarto Sketch

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