Wreck Diving Day Trips

Every wednesday we visit one of our local wrecks on a full day trip. We leave at 8am and return mid afternoon having completed two dives. The day includeds both breakfast and lunch and water.

Both technical and recreational divers are welcome.

Recreational divers will be lead on wreck tours. Dives will not exceed 40m or the NDL but divers should be aware that their profiles will be deep. Their wreck tour will be between 35m and 40m. Th day costs 4500B and includes all equipment hire. This trip is ideal for completion of the PADI Deep Course

Technical divers will have greater range to explore the wrecks. The local wrecks have a maximum depth of 55m and will be free to run their own dive plan. Depending on experience divers may be guided or at liberty to conduct their own dives. The technical diving boat conducting the trip offers divers the comfort of a surface supplied oxygen station to complete their decompression. The price of 5500B includes full equipment hire, where required, and all gas (exluding Helium).

This is one of the closer wrecks to Koh Tao which we would visit on a day trip and the photograph shows a very similar ship. Called The Unicorn, she arrived at Koh Tao in 1989, anchored for a few days and then suddenly sunk. An insurance claim for canned tuna was made,but when a team of divers dived the wreck they found animal feed. Recent finds have indicated that the vessel is actually called HishiDaiya Maru.

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